Silver Comet Village Executive Director Reflects on First Year

Posted on May 22, 2020

SC_IL-10_1 Year Celebration Blog

It was about 9:30 PM on May 21st, 2019, as I stood in the lobby of Silver Comet Village. I was the last person to leave the community after a long day of preparing for residents soon to move in. I stood there listening to the silence, knowing that the building would never again be so empty and quiet. It had been years in the planning and preparation of what was to come the following day, the move-in of residents.

I won't be fibbing when I say that I was more than a little nervous. I was hopeful that all the visions and dreams that the owners and management company had for the community would soon be a reality. I was also hoping for our Trailblazers, that we would exceed their expectations of lifestyle and opportunity for camaraderie.

Residents dining at Silver Comet Village

There have been many small signs of success over the last 12 months. The first was the dining table configuration. The Trailblazers, after spending months connecting with one another through our monthly and weekly events, had already bonded by the time they moved in. No one wanted to sit four to a table, they insisted that the tables be pushed together for family-style dining, and family-style it has been ever since. While we have outgrown that single long table, we continue with the tradition of six to eight people per table.

The next sign of success came after one individual went to the hospital. At lunch, many of the residents were lamenting that individual's absence, and planning to circulate a get-well card. One of the residents spoke up and said: "You know, it is really funny. I didn't know [her] a few months ago, but I really care about her and miss her."

A third sign of success came after a resident and her husband moved in. She was reluctant about the process, going along to please her husband. A few months after they moved in, she and her husband joined their family for a vacation and family reunion, and about halfway through their vacation, she declared that she "was ready to go back home."

As the months have passed, we have become a village that breaks bread together, worries about each other, and knows that home is where your friends are.

Fast forward one year, and here we are, home to 40 residents, weathering a pandemic, which has, for many, been one of the most challenging circumstances of their lives, and we are doing it as a village. A village that laughs together, plays together, looks out for one another, comforts one another, listens to the frustrations and fears, and supports one another.

Silver Comet Village is proud to serve older adults and their families in Powder Springs, Georgia, and the surrounding areas, and I am confident, with faith and perseverance, we will thrive through our current challenges, grow together, and celebrate many anniversaries in the coming years - TOGETHER.