Preparing for Your Visit: What to Ask on a Senior Living Community Tour

Posted on September 01, 2021

Silver Comet Village Balcony

While many senior living communities will offer similar services and levels of care, that doesn’t mean that they are all the same or that each one will be a good fit for you.

From the team members and community amenities to the floor plans and lifestyle options, every community is different. One of the best ways to find out if a community is a good fit is to experience it yourself by taking a tour. 

Silver Comet Village is a senior living community in Powder Springs, Georgia, that believes in cultivating a community atmosphere that encourages independence while offering compassionate support. To help you and your family find the perfect senior living community, we are sharing important questions to ask and consider on your community tours.

Questions to Ask the Community 

What Levels of Care are Available?

You need to know if the senior living community you are touring offers the level of care that you or your loved one needs. While it’s important to know if the community can cater to your current needs, you should also anticipate future needs. 

  • Does the community offer the opportunity for residents to transition through levels of care? 
  • Does the community even provide multiple levels of care? 

At Silver Comet Village, we offer personalized care that takes each resident’s needs into account. We formulate a care plan specific to each individual in our community that helps them lead an active, healthy lifestyle. We also understand the value of aging in place, which is why we offer multiple levels of care so residents can seamlessly transition should more care be needed.

What Activities and Amenities are Offered?

Part of achieving your desired lifestyle is having access to the activities and hobbies that pique your interest and bring you joy. Finding out what types of activities, events, classes, and other amenities a senior living community offers can help you decide if you could see yourself thriving in that environment.

How is the Dining Experience?

Every senior living community offers a different dining experience. Some may have more structured dining schedules, while others may offer all-day dining, room services options, or multiple dining venues (bistro, fine dining, etc.). Beyond the experience itself, you should ask about the meals and dining menus. Does the food meet your dietary needs and preferences? Does the community offer additional options, such as vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free? 

When, where, and what you eat are important aspects of living an enhanced lifestyle. You want to make sure the community’s dining options fit your wants and needs.

Can You Speak to a Current Resident?

To get an even deeper understanding of what life is like in a particular senior living community, ask to speak with a current resident. They can tell you what they enjoy about living there and give you a firsthand review of the community!

Questions to Ask Yourself During a Tour

How Does the Community Make You Feel?

Are the buildings and campus well-maintained? Would you feel proud to call this place “home?” How well the exterior is maintained and the cleanliness of the common areas says a lot about a community. If the community takes pride in their campus, you will take pride in living there. The overall feeling or vibe you get when you walk into a space can tell you almost everything you need to know. 

Is the Community Easy to Navigate?

Consider your mobility. Are there a lot of stairs? Are there handrails along the walls? These things may seem small, but they can make a big difference in your everyday life.

The layout of the senior living community is a direct reflection of the lifestyle you will lead. Consider your daily routine and evaluate how the community is set up to determine if the layout caters to your desired lifestyle. 

Visit Silver Comet Village

As a landmark in purposeful living, our team at Silver Comet Village strives to create a welcoming environment that encourages residents to lead an active, fulfilling lifestyle. To learn more about our amenities and senior living services in Powder Springs, Georgia, we invite you to schedule a tour and experience our community for yourself!