Navigating COVID-19 As Silver Comet Village Grows

Posted on August 05, 2020

Silver Comet Village-Memory Support Community

Silver Comet Village is a 7.5-acre Senior Living community and campus nestled in the southwest corner of Cobb County in Historic Powder Springs, Georgia. We currently offer independent living, but as we get closer to opening our doors for assisted living and memory support and care, there are many things to be excited about and many things to consider.

Since this project’s inception many years ago, it has always been the primary focus to create a really special campus with unprecedented access to the Silver Comet Trail, a Georgia treasure. Also, to create a place where vibrant, purposeful living was the norm and residents, families and staff would come together as a synergistic group to make lifestyle wishes come true!

While those goals remain firmly in place, we now have an additional factor to consider: operations in the era of a pandemic and remaining COVID-free. Instead of allowing COVID-19 to be a barrier for us, we will acknowledge what we can’t change and make sure we help residents, families, and staff navigate it in the most positive, least impactful way we can.

Here’s how:


These are unprecedented times, and we are all impacted in nearly every aspect of our lives by this pandemic. It is exhausting! The proverb “it takes a village to raise a child” applies not just to children, but, in our estimation, to a successful community.

By supporting one another through these difficult times, and approaching each day with grace and compassion, we believe our village will emerge from this challenge, and any other it might face, as a source of strength and love for all who live, work, or visit Silver Comet Village.


Being prepared requires a plan. Our management company, Sage Management, has been operating and consulting with communities over the last 20 years. Throughout their history, they have focused on regulatory compliance in all aspects of their operations, which has earned them a reputation for superior operations.

It is that dedication to compliance and experience that allows us to create plans for response that will ensure regulatory compliance while honoring the specific needs of our residents, families, and staff.


It is our goal to educate ourselves daily on the latest guidelines and changes in recommendations or orders from the Local and State authorities. It is also our mission to educate our residents, families, and staff in ways that they can be empowered to respond to the pandemic and, most importantly, maximize their wellness and safety through this challenging time.


By remaining agile and not afraid to change, Silver Comet Village will remain responsive to the needs of our residents, families, and staff, as well as meet the demands created by an ever changing pandemic.


Through frequent and transparent communication, our residents, families, and staff will feel most secure. We don’t want anyone feeling as if they are “in the dark” about what is going on, or how we are responding to it.

It also means that we must listen. Listening to the needs and expectations of our residents, families, and staff will help us understand what people need to feel safe, connected, and engaged in the process.


Our approach to a challenge as far-reaching as COVID-19 has to be collaborative. We all play a vital role in making our daily and on-going response to this pandemic robust and unyielding. By encouraging residents, families, and staff to be an integral part of our solution, they are empowered instead of feeling helpless.

COVID-19 won’t be a new challenge for us when we open our assisted living and memory support and care wings; it will be our normal. We won’t have old, less-restrictive protocols to let go of and additional protocols to add to our daily routines. COVID-19 will be part of our process from day one.

As a yet unoccupied community, residents and families have the unique ability to tour the community before they choose to move in. They will be able to value the spacious environment and assess the importance of fewer residents and staff as we gradually build our family.

Through our initial assessment not only will we be creating an Individual Service Plan to ensure daily needs and preferences are met, but we will also be creating an individualized visit plan, so that residents and their families can stay connected and engaged with one another, despite the restrictions inherent with infection control and exposure prevention.

Through our Trailblazer Club program and offering special incentives and unique benefits, we were wildly successful in helping our independent living residents connect with one another and create a move-in experience that was exciting and predictable instead of fearful full of unknowns.

Once again, Silver Comet Village will work together, with focus and purpose, to ensure our Trailblazers are well taken care of, and the transition process is as smooth and predictable as it can be.