Simple Ways to Make Your Senior Apartment Feel Like Home

Posted on December 01, 2020

Silver Comet - Senior Living Apartment

Moving to a new home is an emotional time – sad, exciting, stressful. These emotions can be heightened when the transition is into a senior apartment community. Maybe this is the first time you are moving without your family, or maybe this is the first time you’re moving altogether.

Transitioning into a senior living community is a new experience and a significant change. You have to downsize your belongings and leave a place that is full of memories. While it’s a new space, you must find small, simple ways to make your senior apartment feel like home.

When addressing our mental wellness, “many of us fail to consider one of the biggest factors of all: the environment in which we live our day to day lives (” Silver Comet Village, a senior living community in Powder Springs, Georgia, understands the importance of our environment. We’ve created a community that provides exceptional care and aims to make our residents and guests feel as comfortable and at home as possible.

If you or someone you know is transitioning into a senior apartment, we are sharing some simple ways to make your new space feel like you’ve lived there for years!

Transition to Senior Living eBook-CTA ButtonKeep Sentimental Items

Downsizing does not mean that you have to get rid of everything! We all have certain items or objects that have been passed down in the family or hold a special significance to us. Bring these items with you when you move into a senior living community. By surrounding yourself with familiar and sentimental possessions, you will quickly feel more comfortable and connected to your new senior apartment.

Use Photos for Decoration

This simple tip is a great way to quickly personalize your space. Showcasing photographs of family and friends throughout your new home can make it feel warmer and more familiar. If it helps provide comfort, arrange and display your photos in a similar way to how they were displayed in your previous home. A variety of websites (or do-it-yourself videos) share unique ways to turn photos into home décor!

Additionally, to keep your space feeling fresh, you can rotate pictures at different times of the year, or add or replace photos as you create new memories with friends and family members.

Create a Comfortable Place for Guests

It’s not our belongings but the people in our lives that make a space a home. Even after you move, you want friends and family to visit and spend time in your new home. Create a space for them to feel comfortable and at home too. Décor like pillows and blankets, candles and scents, and an intimate seating area are easy ways to make a space more inviting.

One benefit of moving into a senior living community, like Silver Comet Village, is that you have opportunities to make new friends and form relationships with other members in the community (another reason to keep guests in mind when decorating and arranging your senior apartment). Implement interesting décor that sparks conversation. This can help break the ice and make it easier for you to form new friendships.

Maintain Functionality and Safety

While our senior apartments at Silver Comet Village feature large bathrooms and safety features, it’s important that you take additional precautions to protect yourself and your guests. Keep the floor free of clutter, tape down any loose rugs, and make sure all cords are tucked away to avoid accidental tripping.

More than likely, you are transitioning into a senior living community to simplify your lifestyle and make it easier for you to complete the tasks of daily living. When you are unpacking and arranging your new space, make sure you keep functionality in mind. For example, put items that are used regularly in easy-to-reach locations.

Call Your Senior Apartment “Home”

Feeling at home is just that, a feeling, but by calling your new senior apartment “home,” you can start to internalize this feeling. Before long, this word will come naturally, and you will feel comfortable and at home in your new community!

Our team at Silver Comet Village works hard every day to help each resident feel comfortable, safe, and secure in their living space. For more information on our senior apartments or our senior living community in Powder Springs, Georgia, contact Silver Comet Village or visit our website.