How to Find the Right Independent Living Community for You

Posted on April 01, 2021

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You have lived a certain way your whole life. Everything from your food choices and your morning and nighttime routine to the way you spend your free time is a part of who you are and the way you have chosen to live your life.

When it comes to transitioning into an independent living community, like Silver Comet Village in Powder Springs, Georgia, it is important that you find the one that meets your needs as well as your preferences. Finding the perfect retirement community for you means that you can continue to lead your desired lifestyle in a more convenient, maintenance-free environment. 

Our team at Silver Comet Village is sharing what to look for and consider when you are looking into retirement communities in Georgia to help you on your search.

The Three Rules of Real Estate (& Senior Living)

Location, Location, Location.

The first aspect of finding the independent living community that caters to your lifestyle is its location 

  • Do you want to live close to friends and family? If so, where do they live? 
  • What kind of climate and weather do you want to have throughout the year? 
  • Do you want to be in the city or enjoy a quieter community in the country? 

There is a lot to think about, but the location may be the most important aspect of your search. Take your time and consider what area you truly want to live in.

First Impressions Matter

You would not buy a house without seeing it in person first. You need to see yourself in the home and note how it makes you feel. Can you see the layout of the house working for your lifestyle? Is each room functional for how you like to live? 

The same is true for retirement communities. Before you decide on and commit to an independent living community, you need to visit and see the neighborhood for yourself. Pay attention to how you feel when you arrive at the community and throughout your tour. What is the vibe and atmosphere of the community? While this independent living community may check off many of the items on your wish list, how it makes you feel is equally important.

Interact with the Staff & Residents

During your visit to an independent living community, you will likely meet team members as well as current residents. 

It is easy to be pleasant to a prospective resident but be mindful of how team members are interacting with the current members of the community. Pay attention to not only how they treat you but also how they treat one another.

Additionally, take note of the team member to resident ratio. Does the community seem understaffed? Does the staff seem efficient?

Speak to the current residents and get their opinions on the community’s atmosphere and lifestyle. Plus, these individuals will be your neighbors, so you want to make sure the community you choose is full of people you can connect and build relationships with!

F.Y.E. (For Your Entertainment)

You want to continue your active lifestyle but want to live in a more convenient, worry-free environment. Just because you are moving into an independent living community does not mean that you have to sacrifice your interests.

In fact, this is a key factor in determining which retirement community is right for you. When you find the right independent living community, you will be able to participate in your favorite activities and have the opportunity to explore new hobbies! FIND OUT IF SENIOR LIVING IS RIGHT FOR YOU

Independent Living at Silver Comet Village

Independent living at Silver Comet Village in Powder Springs, Georgia, is all about community. Our neighborhood is a short drive to Marietta and Atlanta and affords a vibrant lifestyle full of beauty, comfort, and convenience, allowing you to design every day of your retirement.

With comfortable spaces and convenient amenities, our residents have the freedom to participate in a variety of community activities and clubs that enrich their senior living experience.

Our independent living amenities include:

  • Weekly housekeeping services
  • Beauty salon, fitness gym, club room, theater room, and activity room
  • Engaging fitness, spiritual, educational, and multi-generational opportunities
  • Dining options
  • Transportation for medical appointments and shopping

Silver Comet Village is a landmark in purposeful living. We believe that our community is the perfect place to lead an active and engaging lifestyle. To learn more about our community and the services we offer, we invite you to contact a member of the Silver Comet Village team!