Evolving Technologies for Seniors

Posted on March 15, 2019

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In today’s rapidly changing world, technology changes rapidly and it can be hard to keep up with ongoing trends and developments. Although many seniors may find adapting to new technology challenging, seniors that utilize one particular piece of new technology may be able to reap significant benefits. Looking for a new gift for a loved one? It could be worthwhile to help your loved one navigate one of these new devices!

Over the years, seniors have gradually adapted to using cell phones, smartwatches, apps, and a variety of other technologies to make improvements in their lives. The benefits of these technologies range from safety and security to everyday conveniences, so it's no wonder that this trend is quickly snowballing.

Silver Comet Village would like to share a few new technology trends to introduce to the senior in your life. Help improve the quality of life of a family member or close friend and provide convenient solutions for potential daily challenges.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technologies, or devices that are designed to be worn on the body, may be commonly disguised as jewelry. These devices can be taken anywhere the user pleases and often perform functions that are very convenient for seniors. With a plethora of features and accessories, wearable technologies are highly customizable, and your loved one can tailor them to their personality.

When most people think of a wearable device, the smartwatch comes to mind. Smartwatches have become popular over the years for their extensive list of uses. Many smartwatches contain a GPS, which can help the senior in your life guide themselves to their destination if they’re unfamiliar with the area or if they’re disoriented.

Wearable pendants are another technology that many seniors have adapted to use. These pendants are typically used to send an alert when the senior falls or is injured. The device will call the attention of your loved one's caregiver or the police in the event of an emergency.

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology is similar to wearable technology in the way that it assists the user in completing a task, but it is generally less portable than wearables. These devices are typically located within the home and aid the user by providing reminders, surveillance, or cleaning services.

Automated vacuum cleaners are also popular assistive technology that seniors can enjoy. Many times, cleaning can become difficult as a loved one ages. Having a vacuum that cleans the floor for them can help save time and prevent injuries while cleaning.

Doorbell video cameras are also a form of assistive technology to consider! Doorbells with advanced technologies can often record video of a person standing at the door. This device accomplishes the purpose of a doorbell but also alerts that someone is at the door. In addition, doorbells can provide security to a loved one by showing them who is waiting on the other side!

Apps for Seniors

Cellphones have changed the way that we interact with the world and each other. The development of cellphone applications has tackled many of the problems that seniors once had. Today, almost anything can be accomplished with the use of a specialized app!

Some applications are designed to aid seniors in completing daily tasks, navigating the neighborhood, and even on-demand remote doctors! Other apps your loved one to test their hearing and determine if they should consider getting hearing aids. An at-home hearing test can be beneficial to those who aren't able to afford clinic visits or those who can't travel.

Silver Comet Village Senior Living Trends Technology

The world is constantly changing and keeping up with trends aren’t always worth it. When it comes to technology, your loved one will be glad they took the time to learn how to adapt. Research which technologies could be beneficial to you and your loved one. Try to help them understand the importance of being able to use helpful devices.

Making life easy has never been so… easy!

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