Easing the Transition into a Memory Care and Support Community

Posted on March 15, 2021

Senior Woman's Hands

When it’s time to transition a loved one to a memory care and support community, it is normal to feel mixed emotions. On one hand, you are comforted and relieved that your loved one will be receiving the appropriate care and attention, but on the other hand, you may feel sad or anxious at the thought of the significant change. 

The key for your family to get through this transition is to acknowledge your feelings. Understand that these emotions are normal and speak openly and honestly about them. Additionally, other ways may help you ease this transition for your parent or relative. 

Silver Comet Village offers memory care and support to families in Powder Springs, Georgia. We want to help you make the move easier for your loved one by sharing different ways to ease the transition.

Reduce the Surprise Factor

The transition into a memory care and support community should be just that, a transition. There is no need to shock your loved one by hiding the fact that this change is happening. Help your parent or relative ease into their new home by taking advantage of what the community offers. For instance, tour the community ahead of time. While this may seem like an obvious step, it is a great way for your loved one to feel out their new home. 

Additionally, visit the community even after the initial tour. Participate in community activities and events. By doing so, your family member has the opportunity to meet the current residents in the community as well as the caregivers and other team members. This presents them with the time to form relationships and friendships and eliminate the stress of not knowing anyone in their new home. 

Talking about the new community as “home” may also help to reduce the surprise factor. Bring up what you liked about the community when you first toured it or someone that you met. Focus on the positive aspects and highlight amenities and services that your loved one enjoys.

Make it Feel Like Home

Just like referring to your loved one’s new community as home can help it feel like it, there are other ways you can instill a level of comfort and home-like feel. When packing or downsizing your parent or relative’s current home, remember to pack sentimental items such as family photographs. 

Beyond packing, speak to the team members at the new community and inquire about policies regarding furniture. If allowed, bring familiar furnishings like a favorite chair or china closet. 


Decorating and furnishing your loved one’s new senior apartment with items from their current home will help their new living space feel more like home. For additional ways to make your family member’s new apartment more comfortable, read our blog, “Simple Ways to Make Your Senior Apartment Feel Like Home.” 

Memory Care & Support in Powder Springs, Georgia

Silver Comet Village recognizes that life is a journey. It is our passion to support the quest for wellness, joy, and fulfillment in your loved one’s journey every day. Through our memory care and support services in Powder Springs, Georgia, we provide exceptional care to individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease or another memory impairment. This tailored care fosters independence and contributes to a feeling of daily success for each resident while they receive the support that they need.

Our memory care and support amenities include:

  • Interior entrance to memory support neighborhood for comfort and security
  • Flowing neighborhood layout affords a spacious feel and enhances watchful oversight
  • Blended multipurpose space provides a socially engaging gathering place for purposeful activities and passive fellowship
  • Interior courtyard furnished with natural light and easy outdoor access
  • Secure outdoor courtyard for gardening opportunities and outdoor walks
  • Beauty salon/barbershop located within memory support neighborhood

While the transition into a memory care and support community may be emotional, understand that you made the right decision for your loved one and that the change will provide them with exceptional care and support.

To learn more about Silver Comet Village in Powder Springs, Georgia, we invite you to contact a member of our team or visit our website.