Putting One Foot in Front of the Other: The Benefits of Hiking

Posted on June 01, 2021

Senior Woman Hiking

The fresh, crisp air fills your lungs. The sunlight warms your face. You hear birds chirping and chipmunks scurrying through the leaves as a soft breeze blows through your hair. All your senses are heightened. But where are you? The great outdoors. 

Research has shown that spending time outside or in nature is beneficial to mental well-being, but what if it could also help you maintain or improve your physical health? Well, it can!

By hiking or taking leisurely walks outside, you can reap multiple mental and physical benefits. As a senior living community in Powder Springs, Georgia, Silver Comet Village strives to create numerous opportunities for residents to spend time in nature, including offering private access to the Silver Comet Trail.

We understand the value that connecting with the outdoors has for physical and mental health and wellness, so our team is sharing the benefits of hiking and spending time outside.


The Mental Benefits of Hiking

Reduced Feelings of Isolation

Hiking is a great activity for people of all ages. With varying levels of intensity and difficulty, just about anyone can enjoy what hiking has to offer. With this being said, hiking also serves as an opportunity for socialization.

This activity is about more than spending time outside. It is about spending time with loved ones and sharing an experience together. As we age, it can be more challenging to find ways to interact with friends and family. Hiking is the perfect activity to get you outside and creating memories with others, which can help reduce feelings of isolation.

Silver Comet Village makes getting outside and creating memories with friends and family easy! With private access to the Silver Comet Trail, our senior living community in Powder Springs, Georgia, offers residents and their guests a safe and convenient way to enjoy nature.

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Calming Anxiety, Lowering Depression, and Boosting Mood

There is something about connecting with nature that helps us to reset. According to the American Heart Association, “a stroll in the woods has been shown to help combat depression…[and] working out in nature helps to reduce anxiety.”

Hiking, no matter the intensity or difficulty level, gives individuals an excuse to reconnect with nature. Simply getting outside and taking a stroll through the woods can help boost your mood.

Improved Self-Esteem

Imagine that you are a frequent hiker, constantly trying new trails with increasing difficulty. There is one specific hike that you are working toward conquering. As the days go by, you get better and better, building up muscle and increasing your stamina. 

One day, when you feel confident, you embark on this hike and complete it. How does this make you feel? Triumphant. 

Hiking and spending time in nature can help to improve self-esteem; it provides a sense of accomplishment. Psychology Today shared the results of a study conducted at the University of Essex. The study “found that, of a group of people [living with] depression, 90 percent felt a higher level of self-esteem after a walk through a country park, and almost three-quarters felt less depressed.”

The Physical Benefits of Hiking

The great thing about hiking and spending time in nature is that it can benefit overall health. The physical benefits of hiking and reconnecting with the outdoors include:

  • Building stronger muscles and bones
  • Improving balance and coordination
  • Increasing circulation and improving cardiovascular health
  • Helps with weight control
  • Improves flexibility and joint health

Because uneven terrain is a strong possibility on many hiking trails, this form of exercise improves coordination and balance, teaching the muscles in your body to work together. For those who need a more stable way of hiking and getting out into nature, the Silver Comet Trail offers a paved pathway that provides the best of both worlds.

At Silver Comet Village, we offer many opportunities for residents to get moving and enjoy the great outdoors. From community garden spaces and walking paths to private access to the Silver Comet Trail, we have an outdoor space that accommodates numerous interests and abilities. 

To learn more about what our senior living community in Powder Springs, Georgia, has to offer, contact a member of the Silver Comet Village team or visit our website.