Assisting Your Loved One with Doctor Visits

Posted on May 15, 2019

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When seniors visit the doctor, asking the right questions can be a challenge due to the nature of some of the questions. Whether your loved one has issues with transportation, forgets to bring their medical information, or misses the appointment entirely, attending a senior health visit can be more difficult than most people think.

Silver Comet Village knows that it’s not always easy or convenient to see a physician, which is why we’re sharing a few tips for you to help your loved one tackle physician appointments. Remember to share these tips with friends and family members so they can be prepared for clinical visits too!

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is never a bad idea. When making a plan, you’re preparing yourself for future happenings and evaluating all scenarios. Making this a habit can prove to be especially useful when helping the senior in your life with their health visits.

Plan a list of things that need to be brought to the doctor’s office and note any necessary paperwork that the doctor may need to see. List a few crucial questions that you may have so they aren’t forgotten and prepare to answer any medical questions the doctor may have for your loved one. If they have a documented medical history that you can bring to the office, it can help the doctor get an idea of your loved one’s current medical situation.

Senior Health Visits Silver Comet Village

Ask Questions

Too often, people leave the doctor’s office with unanswered questions. As clinic visits are usually slow, boring, and time-consuming, many people are in such a rush to get out of the office, that they forget about addressing the crucial questions they have. Make sure to develop a list of questions that you may need answers to down the road, so you don’t remember you’ve forgotten to ask an essential question after leaving the office!

If your loved one is prescribed a new medication, check with the doctor and ask about side effects, dosage, and other essential medical information. The doctor may have informed your loved one of their medications but checking twice never hurts.


Many times, seniors forget to follow-up with their physician after a clinical visit. Whether it be to fill prescriptions, ask additional questions, or get results from a test that was done during the visit, it’s essential to stay in contact with your loved one’s health care provider. Although many of your questions may have been answered during the visit, it’s still necessary to set up another appointment to ensure your loved one is being seen by a physician regularly.

Being there for your loved one during a senior health examination may not seem like much, but you’re providing needed support and making sure that all of your loved one’s questions have answers. While it may be a big undertaking, you’re working to improve the life of your loved one and maintain their health!

At Silver Comet Village, we value seniors and the contributions they make to our communities. Every day, we work to improve the lives of residents and make our community an ideal place for your loved one to enjoy their retirement. If you’re interested in learning more about Silver Comet Village, contact us!