Aging in Place: The Value of Continuity of Care

Posted on December 01, 2019

SCV Aging in Place The Value of Continuity of Care

It is estimated that the number of Americans aged 65 and older will double to 71.5 million by 2026. This increase in the senior population will require additional senior care solutions. Senior living communities that offer continuity of care, or “aging in place,” will allow seniors the option to increase their level of care needs, if necessary, while staying in the same comfortable setting.

At Silver Comet Village, we understand the value of aging in place, which is why we offer multiple levels of care for you or a loved one to seamlessly transition into, as more care may be needed. We believe this to be an important feature of our community as it allows our residents to maintain their peace of mind as they age in place.

Understanding Continuity of Care and Aging in Place

Continuity of care is concerned with the quality of care for extended periods of time. The AAFP defines it as the process by which a patient and their care team are cooperatively involved in ongoing health care management toward the shared goal of cost-effective, high-quality medical care. Continuity of care is a long-term partnership between a patient and a physician, which can lead to more effective care and management.

When a senior living community such as Silver Comet Village offers multiple levels of care, it allows residents to age in place. While a resident may initially sign up for independent living, their care needs may change as time passes. Aging in place allows our residents to seamlessly transition from independent living to assisted living or our memory support neighborhood should the necessity arise. 

Silver Comet Village Care Levels

The Value of Continuity of Care

The value of continuity of care comes in the form of trust and honesty. The more trust we have in our care team, the more likely we are to be honest about our concerns and questions. A recent study conducted by a professor at the Middlesex University of Middletown surveyed roughly 5,000 people and discovered that of those surveyed, over 60% lied or avoided talking about embarrassing, yet pertinent, information with their clinician. 

By having a lack of trust in your care team, and withholding information, you may be harming yourself and the quality of care you receive.

The Benefits of Continuity of Care

Continuity of care breeds an unparalleled level of trust between a patient and doctor. A recent study by the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam that was conducted over 17 years shows that among older adults, continuity of care increased patient’s longevity. Additional studies have come out in support of continuity of care, stating that it can help reduce medical errors, unnecessary testing, and improve the overall quality of health care provided. 

Why Continuity of Care Matters to Silver Comet Village

While neither of these terms is exclusive to each other, both play a heavy role in the senior living community industry. Seamless transition from independent living to assisted living or even our memory support neighborhood is a staple to how we operate our community. Continuity of care allows our residents to become comfortable with our caregivers and reinforces the idea that our community is home. Our services provide a resident with the ability to comfortably age in place as opposed to forcing them to change communities and caregivers as care needs change. 

The importance of continuity of care and aging in place can not be stressed enough. As we age, it becomes imperative that we know and trust our caregivers and health care providers. Silver Comet Village is redefining retirement and what it means to live in a senior living community. We provide our residents with engaging activities, medical and shopping transportation, and assistance by compassionate and skilled caregivers. If you would like to know more information about our community in Powder Springs, Georgia, you can contact one of our experts today.