3 Underrated Senior Nutrition Tips

Posted on March 01, 2019

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Proper senior nutrition is pivotal because it helps to maintain the body's muscles, bones, and organs. As your loved one ages, staying healthy can become increasingly difficult. It's easy for many seniors to give up on eating healthy altogether but sticking to a plan can help overcome any difficulties when deciding what to eat for the day.

Because maintaining a nutritious diet may be overwhelming, Silver Comet Village is happy to share three senior nutrition tips that your loved one can benefit from. With the help of these tips, your loved one will be able to make subtle changes in their diet that are sure to improve their health over time.

Remember, before making any changes in your loved one's diet, always speak to a physician first to make sure that they're eating what’s best for them!

Stay Hydrated

Water can become unexciting over time, but it's the most important thing you can contribute to your body. Water has endless uses in the body and is pivotal for performing essential reactions that maintain the body's health. Many people overlook the importance of water, but it has a significant impact on your loved one's health and could be the single most important change a person can make in their diet. Try adding zero calorie flavors into water to give a spin on taste and help bring back the excitement.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, seniors should be drinking water often to stay hydrated. The USDA goes on to say that low-fat milk and juices can also aid in hydration if water is not an appealing option. Although other beverages can hydrate the body, it is recommended that your loved one drink water because it has no calories, sugar, or fats that can impede their senior nutrition efforts.

Avoid Overcooking Meat

It’s not common for people to enjoy eating food that is burnt or overcooked but avoiding it can save your loved one’s body from unwanted harm. Meats are great for the body because they are high in protein and usually contain very little fat.

The problem with eating burnt meat is that food changes chemically. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, burnt meat contains harmful compounds that can cause damage to the body.

While eating burned meat may not have an immediate adverse health effect (other than an upset stomach), it can cause long-term complications that aren't worth the risk. Eating meat regularly is very healthy, but make sure your loved one avoids eating overcooked foods.

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Season Your Food

Throughout history, humans have used spices in meals to create additional flavors and make meals more appealing. However, spicing up your loved one's meal may be more significant than just a change in taste.

It has been shown that a variety of spices have health benefits your loved one may be able to benefit from. Some benefits are well-known, like the anti-cancerous properties that the spicy chemical found in peppers, capsaicin, has. Other food benefits are less popular, but still just as practical.

Although spices and herbs have a plethora of health benefits, they are by no means a substitute for supplements or medication. Your loved one should use spices and herbs in their meals as a compliment to their existing senior nutrition efforts, not a substitution!

Keep in mind that many popular dieting trends can be extremely harmful to seniors. There are plenty of healthy food items that your loved one can enjoy without having to adhere to dieting fads. Remember to always consult a physician before your loved one implements any changes in their diet!

At Silver Comet Village, we value residents and want them the be as healthy as possible. We provide a variety of dining options to ensure that your loved one’s dietary needs are met. To learn more about our community or our dining options, please visit our website!