3 Technologies to Maintain Safety for Older Adults

Posted on July 15, 2019

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If you were to look back in time at safety technology for older adults, it would be much different than if you looked at it today. Changes, in all aspects, from architecture to services and amenities offered, the senior living experience has been completely transformed with the use of emerging technologies.

Many seniors consider moving to a senior living community for advanced safety features, and technology has played a huge part in improving the safety of communities in recent years. With all the new safety technology for older adults, it opens up plenty of opportunities to provide services that may be unavailable while living at home but significantly improves residents’ way of life. At Silver Comet Village, we provide an approachable environment with new technologies where your loved one can feel safe about their retirement years to come.

Health and Fitness

Regular exercise is an essential step in maintaining physical and mental health in everyone, especially aging adults. Physical fitness in older adults helps prevent falls and reduce the risk of developing dementia. The various benefits of exercise are why health professionals suggest older adults should live an active life every day to maintain their senior health. Senior living communities have multiple health and fitness technologies to keep your loved one physically active.

Technologies include fitness centers with treadmills to exercise cardio with a monitoring system for vitals. Those that need assistance can press a button and get immediate help in an emergency. Fitness centers are limited to residents only, so your loved one doesn’t have to worry about being bothered unexpectedly.

Electronic Records

Back in the day, records were kept by files written on paper and stored in cabinets. Electronic records of today facilitate safer, more efficient senior care. Some of the safety benefits of electronic records are the ability to consistently document care given, track medications and treatments, provide allergy warnings, and help the community team coordinate safe care to protect your loved one. Not to mention the benefit of not having to waste paper, which makes the environment safer!

Increased Security

When your loved one gets older and is living at home, especially alone, it might not be the safest option for them. In senior living communities, safety technology like improved lighting, fall prevention, and security cameras are plentiful. Each professional staff member is on hand at any time in case of an emergency and trained for safety situations.

At Silver Comet Village, we understand the importance of safety for your loved one. As safety technology for older adults steadily advances, so does our constant search for safer forms of care. 

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